Väsby Konsthall / Everyday Alchemy


“TRANSIT/VÄLITILA – Finland 100th anniversary year celebration between two cultures”
Väsby Art Hall 18/11-10/12


Jaana Partanen’s Everyday Alchemy was on display in Väsby Art Hall in Sweden. The photographic trilogy emphasises the different aspects of human life.

The Transit / Välitila Art event was included in the Finland 100 programme, consisting of two art exhibitions. The Transits theme focused on the way art reflects on what has been lived and experienced. It told about artists and their thoughts. It told about artists’ roots; who am I, where do I come from, what’s my destination like? The Transit brought together a group of artists whose life stories meet through a joint art exhibition. The exhibition was opened by Professor Pekka Suutari from the University of Eastern Finland. In the opening celebration there were also the presentation of artists and Anna Fält’s song performance.

The exhibition was shown at Väsby Art Hall in Sweden, Optimusvägen 12B, 18.11–10.12.2017


Publications displayed in the exhibition:

Golden City

Again video installation

Crystal City

A Real Princess, moving still images

A Real Princess, media artwork

A Real Princess, document


Uudestaan-video artwork and Golden City -installation, Väsby Art Hall, 2017.

The builder’s task is great and valuable

Crystal City, Väsby Art Hall, 2017.

Transit / Välitila was an art event that celebrated the 100th anniversary year of Finland by presenting and making art and artistic program with people who have two cultures in their backpacks and Finnishness as a common factor.

During the art event, artists from Finnish-Ingrian-Karelian backgrounds, but currently living in Finland, met their Swedish-Finnish colleagues through joint art exhibitions and side events. During the exhibitions, a children’s theater performance “Strange party” was performed, which the children’s theater Uusi Teatteri created for the anniversary year. Anna Fält performed at the opening and also gave a concert and held a singing workshop. Author Maarit Turtiainen gave a lecture on Swedish-Finnish literature and organized a creative writing workshop event.

The art exhibitions took over both exhibition halls of the art hall, and the Swedish-Finnish joint exhibition Transit / Välitila met Jaana Partanen’s exhibition “Everyday Alchemy”. On display were oil paintings, wax art, photographic art, film art, graphics and installations!


The artists involved:

From Finland:

Age-Elisa Riekkinen, Olga Malytcheva, Valeri Nuija and Jaana Partanen (Own exhibition)

From Sweden:

Sinikka Hämäläinen, Salla Vartiainen and Sarianna Kranz

Artsists and an author:

Anna Fält, Uusi Teatteri and Maarit Turtiainen

The event was coordinated by:

Sarianna Kranz

A Real Princess, moving still images, 2007, digital art, detail.

Change, giving something up and finding something new

Väsby Art Hall, 2017.


Jaana Partanen

Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd