The happy curious

It’s difficult for us to comprehend, even for a moment, our place in time, and just how far we have come. Ultimately I believe
that life exists only in the now, and thus, life is endless and always new.

What if life isn’t a journey after all?

We know that time is fleeting, but even that is just a seeming, an illusion. Still, the questions remain. What exactly is life? Does life exist beyond our human perception of it?

What if there is no final destination?

Jaana Partanen – The story

Everyday Alchemy

Jaana Partanen's extensive photographic trilogy emphasises the different aspects of human life.

Mental Alchemy

The exhibition is a visual study of secrets invisible to the human eye such as thoughts and the essence of the human mind.

Space Alchemy

The final set of the trilogies with the alchemy theme will be space - Coming in the summer of 2021!

Public Artworks

"-- the task of art is to harmonise the environment and, at best, also people."

Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo have solid and extensive experience, also internationally, in the creative combination of art with the environment and construction objects.

Partanen & Lamusuo’s public spatial and environmental works come near people and are present in their everyday life. Artist Jaana Partanen and architect Heikki Lamusuo realise permanent, fixed works of art in different kinds of spaces. Works have been designed both for hospitals, day-care centres,  cinemas and for highway-sides. Many of the spatial works have sought inspiration from people whose life they touch in particular: from the pictures and stories of residents of a home for the elderly or from children’s joy of playing. A part of the realisations include a functional dimension: the work invites to touch and try at the same time as it gives the building expression and recognisability.

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Jaana Partanen

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