Tikkurila Church art

Word on the brick, symbols on the glass


Artists Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo designed the art for the new Tikkurila Church. Art is directed not only to the interior of the church but also to passers-by. The art of Tikkurila church consists of four different parts. The artworks that can be found inside the church are a cross Faith, baptism tree Love, and on the facade there are brick artwork Hope and a glass artwork Eternity.

In the façade art the artist bring forward the Christian message in the glass artwork and imprinted brick.

-The brick art consists of Christian wisdoms that guide you how to deal with yourself, other people and God. The heart of Christianity is love and forgiveness, says Jaana Partanen.

The glass art was executed by digital printing and is like modern stained glass. The Christian symbols like different crosses, the forms of dove and fish will blend into a whole, opening the Christian message for everyone.

Illustration © Tikkurilan kirkko -allianssi / OOPEAA


The glass artwork Eternity.


The cross Faith, more than three meters long and two meters wide, is carved on the wall of the altar area, and it’s finished with gold leaf.

On the opposite wall is the baptism tree Love. It is decorated with silver, and after plating, 24 carat gold was added to the details.  Ribbons are tied to the baptism beads attached to the tree, on which are written the names of all the children to be baptized as members of the Tikkurila parish and the Swedish-speaking parish in Vantaa.

The brick artwork Hope consists of words of the Bible that make up Christian wisdoms of life. The bricks have a total of 101 words from the Bible. The goal of the artwork is that the passer-by picks up something new every time.

Eternity is the glass artwork made by digital printing. The glass works are like modern stained glass, and crosses, fish, pigeons, and other symbolism form a whole that conveys the message of Christianity through visual means. The aim of the work was to bring Christian symbolism from the early days of Christianity to the present day, and to include the history of Tikkurila’s parishes in Vantaa and also take a look at the future.

The brick artwork Hope.



Jaana Partanen

Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd