Avatar Layer

Avatar Layer


Avatar Layer is the last part of the Mental Alchemy trilogy.

Mental Alchemy -media artwork

three parts, duration 7 min

When looking at the images of cells, blood vessels or nerves Jaana Partanen’s attention was drawn to the amount of movement present. Even the smallest parts of the cells revealed by the microscope are moving and changing shape constantly as if in a magical dance. Everything about a person, inside and outside, is continuously on the move, even though hidden from our everyday gaze.

Jaana Partanen’s video-installation was created in collaboration with medical experts and scientists involved in brain research and cutting edge imaging techniques. The visions from inside the human bodies capture by these new technologies reveal the true inner beauty of our bodies. The pictures used to create the piece are authentic inner visions of the human body, obtained from research archives or taken especially for this project.

Still image, Mental Akchemy - media artwork, 2011.

Mental Alchemy -media installation, Jyväskylä Art Museum, 2011. Photo © Jyväskylä Art Museum / Saara Kiviluoto.

You can test Avatar Layer -audio installation for a very first time in Poikilo at Kouvola 2018. Jaana Partanen interviewed top experts in their field for this voice installation (interviews only in Finnish).


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