Mental Alchemy – Everyday Alchemy

Two paths, which one shall you choose?

Integrity and balance or chaos and tragedy?


When there are catastrophes, war and terror in the world, how do you remain sane? In this exhibition you can choose your own path.

Would you rather follow global tragedies about the power of arms trade, religious conflicts or maybe systematic abuse of gender equality in the world? This path will lead you to the Everyday Alchemy Publication. The themes are playfully explored in the following publications: Crystal City (2004), Kaaba Opened (2002) and Crusade after rain (2002). You can also build your own piece as you enter the Golden City (2001) publication — gold will show the way.

If you want to focus to control your own mindset and how to keep whole and calm despite the world tumbling all around you: concentrate on the Mental Alchemy (2011 — 2018) and follow the purple path.

Exhibition at Poikilo Art Museum, Varuskuntakatu 11, 1.2. — 6.5.2018.
Mon. closed, Tue — Fri 11am—6pm,  Sat — Sun 12am—5pm


Mental Alchemy - Matrix layer, 2014.

By moving you will find yourself in the media artwork.

Avatar layer audio installation is presented for the first time at Poikilo Art Museum. Photo: Timo Tuviala

Put the headphones on and take an audio voyage!

During the past few years, artist Jaana Partanen has focussed in her art in series of tripartite exhibition sets with the alchemy theme. The first of the alchemy series, Everyday Alchemy (2001 — 2007), dealt with life’s turning points and turmoils.

The Mental Alchemy trilogy realised with new 3D techniques, in turn, contemplates the essence of the mind from the perspectives of technology and natural science. The trilogy was opened by Harry Potter Layer (2011), which dwells on the possibilities of the mind and intuition and the interfaces of personal experience and scientific research.

Second part to Jaana Partanen’s trilogy of exhibitions about the mysteries of human mind, Matrix Layer (2014) delves into the world of dreams and dreaming. The trilogy is completed by Avatar Layer (2018 –), which examines the connections between our mind and our body as well as the healing power of our body.

Everyday alchemy – Golden City, installation, at Kouvola Art Museum 2018. Photo: Timo Tuviala

The builders job is valueable.

The holiest place in Islamic world is comprised of legos in this production. This common gives an opportunity to explore the thematics thru the play of creative adult. Photo: Timo Tuviala

What is hidden inside Kaaba?

The final set of the trilogies with the alchemy theme will be Alchemy of Space, which focuses on great myths and unsubstantiality.

The exhibition set is realised with 3D techniques, utilising new artistic applications and innovations of the game industry. Ms. Partanen goes on exploring 3D techniques and applies her insights in the realisation of the Mental Alchemy exhibition.

Three part Mental Alchemy media artwork (2011) is presented in its entirety.

The magical dance of the cells.

3D photography from the series Harry Potter Layer, 2011.

See photographs in three dimensions.

What is the human mind really capable of?


Jaana Partanen

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